Social Responsibility is more than words. Our coastal HQ in Las Tunas is a place to surf and relax, but also to give back. Through our work with various local projects, we support our community’s efforts to sustain itself and the environment, whilst preserving our cultural heritage. To find out how you can help, please contact us or check out our Volunteer

Cristina is one of our collaborator in Casa Esperanto, and a local mum who was bringing up her children in a broken-down shack. 

We led a project to build a new house for Cristina and her family, donating half of the $7500 (usd) budget ourselves and fundraising the rest from kindhearted people in Ecuador, Sweden and Spain (including European surf champion Dani Garcia!). A local hardware shop sold construction materials at a huge discount, transporting them for free, and the neighbourhood kids got involved with painting murals for the walls. In just six weeks, we’d built a safe and cheerful house for Cristina and her kids. If you’d like to learn more, check out this brief video on Casa Cristina.

We led a project to build a new house for Cristina and her family


Football (soccer) is hugely popular in Ecuador and we regularly donate balls, training equipment, vests and cones to the local kids’ club. Our dream is that every arriving guest brings a ball or an item which the team currently needs. At one community meeting we donated $400 (usd) in equipment to the club.

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