extra activities

 Even the most dedicated surfer can’t be in the water 24 hours a day, which leaves plenty of time for extra activities! And while guests can enjoy those post-surf hours in a hammock or relaxing on the beach, but we like to offer visitors the opportunity to take home more than a suntan

optional activities

We’re keen for our guests’ lives to be enriched by their stay with us, so we organize various optional activities to share the best of Ecuadorian culture. Most of these are arranged at no extra cost.

We want our guests to feel like they’re staying in a house full of friends rather than just at a ‘surf camp’. As such, our extra activities are typically organized according to the preferences of the group majority. 

Like most traditional surf camps we offer yoga classes but that’s just the beginning! If guests are interested in taking salsa classes, learning new Spanish phrases or preparing traditional Ecuadorian cuisine, we’ll arrange for a local expert to come to the house at no extra cost.However, if the majority of the group is interested in making ceviche but you’d rather learn some new dance moves – it’s no problem! But please be aware that your 1:1 salsa class may carry a small additional charge.

For those activities with an additional cost, don’t worry, you won’t be paying gringo prices or even local prices. Through our community relationships, you’ll be paying retail price wherever possible.

 While not all activities are based from Casa Esperanto in Las Tunas, spectacular excursions are just a stone’s throw away! Isla Salango and Isla de la Plata both offer fantastic snorkeling and scuba sites, the Machalilla National Park is brimming with natural treasures such as Los Frailes beach (named “the most beautiful beach in Ecuador), Aguas Blancas mineral pool and a rainforest community, and of course no trip to Ecuador would be complete without a visit to the world famous surf and party town of Montañita! And because we operate locally, we have  insider connections to all the best restaurants, bars and clubs in town and as our guest you will never pay entrance fees.

We are passionate about sharing the delights of our home country with visitors. We can’t wait to show you around