We enjoy helping you to help the local community. Make a difference by bringing your qualifications, interests and background to this awesome volunteering gig. Takeme2ecuador is currently has the following volunteering options available:

Montañita Elementary / Primary School

The primary school in Montañita has about 370 students aged 4-16 years old. There are chances for you to get involved in sport or art classes, and as an English speaker you can help their teacher, supplementing their books, coming up with games and activities which will help the students with their skills, particularly speaking.

Local Children’s Nursery

Come and bring joy to the children at the Guardería in Manglaralto. This safe and educational environment is completely free for the parents and they also provide meals for them while they are there. It allows (usually young) mothers to go to work or school and contribute to the family income, and it allows more children to be better prepared for primary school.

Acuario Valdivia Aquarium

This is the only coastal aquarium in Ecuador to which people bring in injured and stranded animals from all up and down the coast. They have begun an Ecological Kids Club that meets at the aquarium in the afternoons and gives the local kids a fun, educational space to hang out after school.


Disabilities Center

This is a centre for children with special needs, aged 6 months to 9 years old. This project is amazingly worthwhile because not only do you take some stress off the parents helping them take care of the children but you also share your valuable skills and education with people who really need your help.



2 weeks volunteering program (including 2 weeks of private Spanish lessons and accommodation in a dorm room) $745

4 weeks volunteering program (including 2 weeks of private Spanish lessons and accommodation in a dorm room) $980

*To participate in our volunteering programs, there is a minimum of 2 weeks of volunteering and 2 weeks Spanish lessons mandatory.