Terms & Conditions


Surf Camp Casa Esperanto




The person whose name and other particulars appear below hereby applies to participate in a “Surf Camp Casa Esperanto” conducted by Take Me to Ecuador on the dates indicated on the Take Me to Ecuador website (in this document that person is described as “the Customer”).

The Customer making the reservation accepts the responsibility for a booking agreement for themselves and any other parties on the same reservation. By booking on behalf of others, it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that all other parties are in agreement with these Terms & Conditions.

The Customer acknowledges that there are inherent dangers, apparent and hidden, associated with surfing and associated Surf Camps. The Customer’s participation in the Surf Camp and surfing and other associated activities may involve injury.

To the full extent permitted by law, Take Me to Ecuador is excluded from any liability to the Customer and will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury to the Customer arising from, or connected with, any activity conducted by Take Me to Ecuador, no matter how that loss, damage or injury is caused. In particular, Take Me to Ecuador is not responsible for any loss or damage to a Customer arising from or relating to the Customer’s failure or refusal to obey an instruction from a Take Me to Ecuador instructor, or from any medical, psychological or mental condition of the Customer as of the date of this contract. Furthermore, Take Me to Ecuador is not responsible for loss or damage to the Customer or any of the Customer’s property arising from any negligent act or omission of Take Me to Ecuador or any person for whom Take Me to Ecuador is responsible.

Re: Travel insurance, visa and health, every participant is individually obliged to obtain travel insurance that covers medical treatment. The activities offered by Take Me To Ecuador involve a certain risk (even with the presence of instructors/guides), and it is the Customer’s own responsibility to make sure their insurance covers the activities offered by Take Me to Ecuador at the chosen destination. It is the Customer’s own responsibility to bring a valid passport and visa, as well as obtaining the correct vaccinations. Usually, European citizens do not require a visa for visiting Ecuador and will be given a 90-day tourism permit upon arrival. If you are unsure of which vaccinations you need, contact your local medical centre.

When booking, it is the Customer’s responsibility to inform Take Me to Ecuador of any health issues that may affect the Customer at the destination, as well as to provide emergency contact information in case of emergency or accident.

Take Me to Ecuador reserves the right to make minor changes to the content of the package tour after the booking agreement has been signed, to a degree that is not problematic for the Customer, and as long as the Customer has been notified of the changes as soon as possible. If the Customer does not agree with the proposed changes, the Customer is entitled to cancel the booking, provided the cancellation is made within three days of being notified of the changes.

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that Take Me to Ecuador has no control over weather, surf or other physical conditions during any Surf Camp. Take Me to Ecuador is accordingly not liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience to any Customer or Customer’s property arising from all or any of these factors.

Each Customer is solely responsible and liable for the safekeeping of his/her own property. Take Me to Ecuador is not responsible for any loss through theft, breakage or otherwise of any property of any Customer.

Take Me to Ecuador reserves the sole and exclusive right to decide whether beach conditions, weather or other factors make any particular activity during a Surf Camp unsafe or inadvisable.

Take Me to Ecuador is not responsible for wave and weather conditions during any Surf Camp and has the right to cancel lessons if wave and weather conditions make it impossible or unsafe to run scheduled lessons. Instructors working for Take Me to Ecuador reserve the right to make decisions on whether conditions are appropriate for lessons and will do their best to reschedule any missed lessons at another time during the Surf Camp.

Re: cancellation due to force majeure, the Customer has the right to cancel the package tour with a full refund if the travel destination or its immediate proximity has been exposed to acts of war, natural disasters, contagious diseases or other circumstances considered equal to the aforementioned circumstances, or if it is reasonable to believe that such circumstances will be occurring when the package tour is set to commence.

During the period of travel or the tour, the right of cancellation also applies if circumstances change to present a real risk to the Customer. In this case, a refund would be issued on a pro rata basis for the days that the Customer is prevented from using Take Me to Ecuador’s services.

The right of cancellation is not valid if the Customer knew, or should have known, of the force majeure circumstances when he/she engaged in the agreement of purchase of the package tour. No refund is offered after the start of the tour if the Customer decides to discontinue the tour for personal reasons and not due to force majeure, as described in the previous paragraph.

Take Me to Ecuador reserves the right to cancel a tour if 1) there are not enough participants signed up for the tour; 2) the conditions at the destination make it inadvisable to travel due to risk to the Customer’s life and health; 3) force majeure conditions arise that were impossible to foresee when the agreement was entered into, and which make it difficult or unadvisable to execute the tour.

In case of cancellation, Take Me to Ecuador is obliged to inform the Customer in writing as soon as it becomes clear that conditions make cancellation necessary. A cancellation entitles the Customer to a full refund.

If Take Me to Ecuador deems it necessary, a package tour in progress can be cancelled or changed. In the case of cancellation, the Customer has the right to a pro rata refund. In the case of changes to a tour in progress, the Customer will be informed of the refund policy for the specific destination and given the choice to cancel the tour or accept the proposed changes.

If Take Me to Ecuador supplies a Customer with equipment, Take Me to Ecuador provides no guarantee regarding the condition or suitability of the equipment, but will do its best to ensure that adequate equipment is made available. The Customer will pay for all damage to equipment provided by Take Me to Ecuador.
The Customer must obey all directions and instructions from the staff of Take Me to Ecuador and must not disturb other participants or interfere with instructors’ ability to conduct the Surf Camp in a safe and secure manner.

Customers must not damage, deface or remove any object from any beach or any of the equipment being used at the Surf Camp.

Take Me to Ecuador reserves the absolute right at its discretion to remove from any Surf Camp any Customer who does not comply with these terms, without refund.

No Customer is permitted to bring any drug or alcohol to the Surf Camp without the express prior written permission of Take Me to Ecuador.

Customers must be able to swim, at least 18 years of age, of sound mind and in good health. Take Me to Ecuador reserves the absolute right at its sole discretion to require any Customer to undergo any test to assess whether the Customer is capable of participating in the Surf Camp.

The Customer hereby declares that the he/she does not suffer from any medical condition which may prevent him/her from participating in the Surf Camp, including but not limited to acrophobia, epilepsy, dizziness, limb or back injury, angina or other heart condition, severe or uncontrolled asthma, visual impairment, depression or recent surgery.

Each Customer participates in the Surf Camp at his or her own risk.

No Customer will be permitted to participate in the Surf Camp at any time if their blood alcohol concentration is 0.05% or greater, or if they are under the influence of any drugs, legal or otherwise. Take Me to Ecuador reserves the right to perform a breath test on every Customer. Should a Customer refuse to be breath tested, Take Me to Ecuador reserves the absolute right at its sole discretion to refuse that Customer permission to participate in the Surf Camp, without refund.

All prices / transactions are in Swedish Crowns or US dollars.

All personal information including name, contact number & email address is used solely for the purpose of the booking at Surf Camp Casa Esperanto and will not be disclosed to anyone outside of Take me to Ecuador.