Surf Camp Casa Esperanto

This 14-day surf course has been uniquely designed by experts for beginner to pre-intermediate surfers. Our instructors speak English, have numerous years of surf experience and compete nationally and internationally as members of the Ecuadorian National Surf Team. 14-days from 8 900 SEK / 1250 USD.


with local championship winning-bilingual instructors


chill out on our hammocks by the shore


The show is at 6, the beach is ours, passes are yours


From our door to our beach cabana to those mysterious islands, this is here for you to enjoy.


The ocean is there , hammocks are here, where are you at

With year-round swell, warm water and an incredible variety of uncrowded breaks, Ecuador is a paradise for surfers of all levels. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a kamikaze wave hunter you’ll find your perfect spot along Ecuador’s 600 km coastline. From point breaks to rock reefs, jetties, rivermouths and endless beach breaks, there is a wave to suit everyone.

From December to May the warm El Niño current brings swells from the north. During this season Ecuador is a world-class surfing destination and one of the best places to score consistent tropical waves during the Northern hemisphere’s winter months. Days on the coast are hot and sunny with air temperatures around 30 °C and water temperatures are only a couple of degrees lower. Winds are light or off-shore and generate epic glassy conditions with up to 3m swells.

Time to surf

This is a great time of year for beginner and pre-intermediate surfers to enjoy uncrowded lineups, while advanced surfers may need to travel a little further afield to find their fix.

From June to November the southern Humboldt current dominates, circulating colder water up from Peru and creating more frequent overcast skies and onshore conditions. There are still sunny days and a water temperature in the low 20s °C, however, waves are less consistent.

las tunas

Take Me 2 Ecuador is based in Las Tunas, a small fishing village in the Ecuadorian province of Manabí, just three hours from Guayaquil’s international airport. Dotted with bamboo cabañas serving legendary seafood, the beach at Las Tunas is long and uncrowded. A defining feature is Los Ahorcados, a striking rock formation rising out of the ocean to form a backdrop for sensational sunsets. A small lagoon teems with birds, disturbed only by the occasional fisherman with a throw net, catching shrimp.

In many ways life in Las Tunas has remained unchanged for decades. Here you can help the fishermen pull in the morning’s catch and be rewarded with fresh fish for dinner, buy a pineapple from the seller as he stops his bicycle to let the local donkeys meander across the road and pick up salsa tips from the kids on the beach. In Las Tunas you have the opportunity to be part of a real Ecuadorian coastal community and to support its move towards eco-tourism as a sustainable way of life.

There are a variety of activities available in Las Tunas. The surf is excellent, with kilometres of uncrowded right- and left-hand breaks for surfers of all levels. Explore inland a little way on foot, bike or horseback to find a jungle interior. Trails from the village lead into a semi-tropical rainforest that is home to monkeys, tucans, jaguars and 500 species of birds. Those just looking to chill can do so in style from the hammocks in our private cabañas on the beach.

Las Tunas is an ideal location to serve as the base from which travelers can explore Ecuador’s coast and 80% of Ecuador’s best surf spots are within a two-hour drive. The nearby town of Puerto Lopez is a quick 10 minute drive north of Las Tunas and offers many organized activities and tours to visitors.  Activities include whale watching, scuba diving and snorkeling. Just 30 minutes’ drive south of Las Tunas is Montañita, with its world-class right-hand point break and never ending party.

The Machalilla National Park is 15 minutes to the north, encompassing an astonishing variety of eco-systems. Perhaps most famous of these is Isla de la Plata, the home to many Galapagos species and the best place to see humpbacked whales when they migrate from Antarctica to breed. The white sand beach of Los Frailes, which is part of the National Park, are touted as the most beautiful in Ecuador and a must-see spot on any traveler’s itinerary.   The indigenous village of Agua Blanca is a site of one of the most ancient civilizations in South America an another gem located within the Machalilla National Park area.

Beyond the well-known sites, the coast near Las Tunas is sprinkled with hidden beaches, secret surf spots and spectacular viewpoints known only to locals. We’re looking forward to sharing these with you when you join us in paradise.

Surf in Las Tunas

At Take Me to Ecuador we have been surfing Ecuador’s coast all our lives, giving us an intimate knowledge of its hidden breaks and the best conditions for each one. Our coastal HQ is ideally located in Las Tunas with kilometres of beach break that offer uncrowded right and left-hand breaks for surfers of all levels. Montanita’s world-class right-hand point break is only 30-minutes’ drive to the south and there are a number of other notable spots to the north, including a super left on a very low tide, and other “no name” world-class barreling beach break.

Dani Garcia -a 4 time European surf champion from Spain –  stayed with us while competing in the 2014 ISA World Masters Surfing Championship and had these words to share:

“I was a little hesitant at first, I didn’t know what we’d find in Ecuador, but it’s been great for the whole family. We’ve been well and happy. We surfed in front of Casa Esperanto, the house in Las Tunas where we were staying, it was so convenient to just surf right in front and shower off afterwards. The line-up in Montanita is crowded right now, so it’s a bit complicated to take the kids surfing there, but there are lots of breaks further north. In Last Tunas, we practically had the break to ourselves, we enjoyed it a lot. We also went to other uncrowd “no name “spot close Casa Esperanto to surf a little. The site is spectacular, in the style of eco-tourism. The point break there is really interesting, we caught lots of waves and it was really fun. It’s such a treat to surf without neoprene, to have this climate every day! I will try to return soon and, upon my return home, will recommend it to everyone. Ecuador is a country with incredible potential”.

How to Get Here

Take Me 2 Ecuador is based in Las Tunas, a coastal village just 3 hours by road from the José Joaquín de Olmedo international airport in Ecuador’s largest city of Guayaquil.

From Europe and the US, direct flights to Guayaquil operate from Amsterdam and Madrid; New York City and Miami. Flights from London have a stopover in Miami or New York.

Wherever you’re coming from, Take Me 2 Ecuador will look after you from the moment you pass through customs in Guayaquil and step into the Arrivals hall. The adventure starts here!

We ask our guests to arrive in Guayaquil the day before their trip starts. Most international flights arrive in Guayaquil late at night, but don’t worry, we’ll be there to greet you and escort you to a nice hostel in the city. In the morning after breakfast we’ll collect you from the hostel for the 3-hour drive to Las Tunas.

Those whose flight arrives in the morning of the 1st day of the surf- camp will be met at the airport and transferred directly to the beach with the others whose arrived a day before. The accommodation in Guayaquil (if you arrive a day before) and all transfers to and from Las Tunas are included in the price of your trip. We recommend booking your flight to Ecuador to arrive one (1) day before the surf camp’s  start date and to depart on the evening of the last day of your trip.

Most international flights from Ecuador depart in the evening (LAN , IBERIA, KLM , etc). On the last day of your trip, we’ll leave from Las Tunas for the airport after your last surf -session (provided the conditions and the tide time are suitable) and brunch and drop you off at the check-in desk in plenty of time for your flight home.

If you have booked your return flight for the day after the surf-camp’s scheduled end date, you have the option to return to Guayaquil with the group and be dropped-off wherever you’d like in the city.  Please know that any accommodations in Guayaquil after the surf camp’s end date will not be included in the trip package, however, we would be happy to help you coordinate and reserve accommodations if needed.

From the moment you arrive in Guayaquil to the moment we wave goodbye, all you need to do is kick back, relax and enjoy the ride. We’ve got you!

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

Take Me 2 Ecuador’s coastal HQ and surf camp, Casa Esperanto, is just 40 metres from the beautiful sandy beach of Las Tunas in the Manabi province of Ecuador. With stunning views of the ocean and the mountains, the house is set in a large tropical garden with papaya, bananas, mango and coconuts plants.

Here you can check the surf from the balcony before paddling out, rinse off at our garden shower under a palm tree. Chill in one of our many hammocks. Harvest your own coconut, barbeque the freshest fish. Sip sunset cocktails on the balcony as the fragrance of exotic flowers drifts on the breeze. As the light fades, tune into the chorus of crickets and frogs which joins the never-ending sound of breaking waves.

Built by local people using local materials, Casa Esperanto is simple and stylish, with whitewashed walls, warm wood accents and a traditional palapa roof. Eight guests can be accommodated in two (2) big dormitory-style rooms with comfortable bunk-beds, mosquito screens, fans & air conditioning, security boxes and plenty of storage. A gigantic 14mx3m polished wood balcony is a focal point of the house, with a deck of equal proportions opening on to the garden. The kitchen is spacious and well equipped, with a huge wooden table for family-style dinners. Both bathrooms are big enough for cocktail parties, with plenty of hot water! The house is kept clean, well maintained and secure at all times.

We also provide:

  • Wifi throughout the house
  • Laundry service
  • A range of books (mostly in Swedish)

Casa Esperanto offers guests access to our own private cabañas with hammocks on the beach and other one right next to a famous seafood restaurant located just 3 minutes walking from ours house. Directly across the road from Casa Esperanto is a small convenience store.

Welcome to Casa Esperanto!

As a Casa Esperanto guest, you will also receive a Panama hat as a gift, personalised with your name inside. Why? Because these beautiful “sombreros”, which in fact originate in Ecuador and sell for over 150 euros in Europe, are the finest straw hats in the world. We hope you’ll enjoy yours for many years to come, as a memento of your time with us.

Testimonial from a Four Time European Champion

“Hello, I’m Dani García from Spain… and I would like to have a place as Las Tunas, to work with the people, alone, with good waves and good weather”.

Our Surf Camp Package

This package is designed for the full spectrum of beginner surfers, from the absolute novice to the pre-intermediate. If you’re a total beginner, or have surfed just a few times before, this is an excellent opportunity to master the basics and build a solid foundation upon which to improve your skills. If you have some surf experience but would not yet consider yourself an intermediate surfer, this package is an ideal way to hone your skills with expert advice and accelerate your transition to the next level.

At Take Me to Ecuador we’ve developed a simple, fun and safe teaching method.  All surf classes are taught in English by our experienced local instructors have all competed nationally and internationally as members of the Ecuadorian National Surf Team.

What can you expect from this package?

Fast development:

your surfing will progress in leaps and bounds at Surf Camp Casa Esperanto. Invaluable tips and guidance from our expert instructors will help you bypass so many common mistakes made by beginners, which can be hard to unlearn. Learning to surf in a small group is so much fun, with your fellow students celebrating your good waves. In short, a Take Me to Ecuador package is a shortcut to shredding it!

New friends: 

You will meet like minded new people and, after a week of living together, you will have several new friends who share your interests in surf and travel.

Good conditions:

Ecuador offers world-class surfing. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you’re sure to get some great waves.

Is it for me? 

Surf Camp Casa Esperanto is a great option for beginners and experienced surfers alike, ideal for those who want to surf top quality waves whilst experiencing a different culture and meeting new people. Beginners receive support, instruction and equipment in classes and the more experienced surfers are free to explore the area’s many diverse breaks, independently or perhaps with new friends from Casa Esperanto.

The surf package includes
  • 14 fun filled days & 13 nights accomodation
  • 13 breakfasts, 12 lunches and 9 dinners
  • 9 x 1.5-2 hours daily surf classes with an instructor (weather and conditions permitting).
  • One (1) surf instructor for up to three (3) beginner level surfers.
  • Surfboards and lycra swim shirts will be provided to students.
  • Round Trip Airport transfers between Guayaquil and Surf Camp Casa Esperanto in Las Tunas
  • One (1) overnight stay in Guayaquil
Extra Activities
  • Most of the optional activities are offered to guests at no additional cost and may include: yoga, various cultural experiences, excursions to secluded beaches and stunning ocean over looks, national parks and a trip to the famous surf town of Montañita. Click here for more details.
2018 Prices and Dates
January 4 – January 17 9900 sek 1380 usd
January 18 – January 30 FULL FULL
February 6 – February 19 9900 sek 1380 usd
February 27 – March 12 9900 sek 1380 usd
March 20 – April 2 9900 sek 1380 usd
April 10 – April 23 8900 sek 1280 usd

*Please note that flights are not included in our package prices.

The surf camp’s ‘start date’ is defined as the day when we travel from Guayaquil to Las Tunas. Surfing classes may start the same day or the following day depending on the weather conditions.
Please ensure that you arrive in Guayaquil at least one (1) day before the surf camp’s scheduled start date. For example, if your selected surf camp’s start date is scheduled for February 4th, you should book your flight to arrive in Guayaquil on February 3rd. As the trip package includes one night’s accommodation in Guayaquil, we would travel together the next day on February 4th from Guayaquil to Casa Esperanto in Las Tunas for the start of your Ecuador surf adventure!

How to Book Surf Camp
“Casa Esperanto”

Step 1

Please review and ensure that you fully understand all pertinent details regarding your reservation with Take Me 2 Ecuador, including the services provided for the selected travel package, the package pricing, and all other information provided by Take Me 2 Ecuador so that you are clear on what you are purchasing.

Step 3

All of our travel packages have set dates for departure and return. Please select your preferred date of travel and make your reservation. After your reservation is confirmed, we will send you the finalized travel details so that you can fully prepare for your adventure to Ecuador.